Why Selfeeling Pilates®??

You will be reborn with Selfeeling Pilates®

Selfeeling Pilates® provides Japanese Beauty.

Selfeeling Pilates® provides Japanese Beauty.
Being flexible like a pliable bamboo tree. The core of the bamboo tree is firm, but it is not stiff.
It looks like standing naturally and adhered to the earth.

Do you know why the bamboo tree will not fall even if it is pushed…?
Wrong : Because it resists to the force.
Correct : Because it has flexibility and being natural.


Importance of WORK IN

Many people believe that to strengthen muscles is essential

Selfeeling Pilates® is to approach your inner core.
You need to feel that the core is working at first as people tend to forget the importance of the core.
Practice WORK IN before starting WORK OUT.

Many people believe that to strengthen muscles is essential.
However, the essence is a body with core strength and flexiblility like a bamboo.
We think Less Is More.

Join us as we bring you to experience Less Is More.


Selfeeling Pilates® is suitable for the following people

* Simply wish to improve your overall health.
* If you prefer non intense exercise.
* Want to exercise but always difficult to continue.
* Always struggle with back pain problems.
* Wish to be proactive in your rehabilitation from any injury.
* To empower your body, mind and soul with own strength.

Ms. Hitomi Yamamoto Instructor/Founder of Selfeeling Pilates®

Hitomi a Pilates instructor, who came from a strong ballet foundation.
Since she was a young girl,
she has polished herself both physically and emotionally through ballet training.
With 10 years of ballet coaching experience,
Hitomi certainly understands importance of empowering the body,
mind and soul with our own strength.


In 2007, Hitomi started the journey in learning Pilates.
As 3 years passed with her passion in Pilates,
she was unquestionable with respect to the benefits
of Pilates that would make people healthy and feel great
in bodies and minds through her very own unique method of Pilates.
With this belief and passion,
Hitomi set up her own Pilates studio Soleil in 2010.
The founder of unique Pilates method - Selfeeling Pilates®.

Currently, Hitomi is coaching mainly on Pilates instructors training courses
in both Tokyo and Singapore. In the instructor training course,
Hitomi is able to establish a teaching style that which is tailor to each individual person.
As such, Hitomi has been successfully transforming many people
with zero Pilates experience to superior Pilates instructors,
and making her trainees to shine from the inside out.

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Join us as we bring you to experience Less Is More!